A couple of feature requests!

First of all, absolutely love Cubasis. I’m a Cubase 7.5 user so the reduced feature set is challenging, but fun. It inspires me to do more with less and it’s already helped develop ideas that I have later worked on in the full version. And seeing that familiar Cubase UI on an iPad is cool as hell. So great work so far guys :slight_smile:

With that said there are a few things that I feel are missing/could be improved:

• Auto Quantize (unless it’s there and I’m missing it)
• An option in settings to merge MIDI when overdubbing/recording in cycle
• Some very basic MIDI functions in the part editor, such as legato, fix note length, delete doubles
• The default behaviour MIDI editor behaviour (tap to select all, hold to select single) should be reversed.

And now for a couple of slightly more wishful requests:

• Micrologue performance; admittedly I am using a non-retina iPad Mini 32Gb but the synth/sampler in Nanostudio is extremely low CPU considering the number of features it has. I can run 4, 8, 12 tracks of the Eden synth compared to 2 Micrologues.

• Groove Agent Micro/Nano, with tune/pan/send options for all pads, the ability to load sounds from the internal library and a sample function so I can record the sound of my spoon hitting my teacup and turn it into a hi-hat or something :wink:

That’s it! Looking forward to 1.9 and beyond.

Please offer LEGATO and MIDI note Scrub with play head

Please list your requests in the newer user-generated feature request topic:


Done - https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=183&t=116690&p=753010#p753010