A couple of H5 newbie questions

Just updated from H3 to H5 and have some questions for which I can not find answers here:

When I first opened the plugin there was an option called [Load] next to [Midi][Mixer][Sound][Options] - I’ve managed to close [Load] but can not find out how to open it again - If I click [+] it is not listed - how do I get it back?

I have 2 Slots active. If I select ‘Load Program’ from within either of these slots, the '‘Load Program to selected Slot’ window opens and lists all available sounds and if I select ‘Áll Instrument Sets’ and Reset the Filter it lists 3003 sounds. But, if I do the same thing in the MediaBay section in the middle of the H5 screen it only shows 84 sounds for ‘All Instrument Sets’ and nothing at all for the other instruments (Model-c, Haliotron, B-Box etc.). The instrument Icons are present, but no sounds are found. - Why is this? - it is very confusing. I have the same problem with Halion Sonic.

Sounds like you have both the top and bottom filter set. Make sure you clear/reset the filter in both the upper and lower area

Thanks for the reply.

The problem with the missing sounds was caused by the fact that I had selected just ‘User Content’ rather than ‘Factory Content’ or ‘Factory and User Content’.

I can solve the issue of the missing [Load] option by clicking on the down-arrow icon at the very top right corner of the H5 screen to open a new window using ’ All Editors’ or ‘All Editors Advanced’, but I can not work out how to get all of the editors back on the original/first window which currently is only showing the Slot rack which fills up the entire window! - How can I restore to the original setting that has all the editors on it?

If you click on the Load/Save/Delete Screenset icon (a few icons to the right of the Load Multi-Program down-arrow), you should see a list of screensets, including the default

Phew! thanks for that - I’m back to the original status now.