A couple of ideas/feature requests/questions about automatic placement

I’ve been using Dorico for a month (keyboard and choir music) and it’s just a great piece of software. It feels logical and intuitive and there’s basically very little need to do any manual positiong - although I am often tempted to do some because I like compact scores. (as few pages as possible)
However, I’ve come across a couple of places where I’ve felt Dorico could offer me a little bit more options (global options). Or maybe I don’t know about them - in that case, please could you tell me about them? - I’d prefer settings in Engrave/Layout/Notation options, not pushing things around in Engrave mode.

Here are the examples:

  1. default positioning of breve notes - why not to have them “centred”?

  2. settings for shortening/erasing the ledger line from the right/pushing the note on the right a little bit?

  3. from a certain interval to have two stem-down voices in the same voice column and at the same time to have the higher stem-down note stem automatically shortened?

  4. possibility to shorten an eight-note flag (I was able to shorten the stem only)

  5. lyrics option: allow to hide a hyphen in certain cases like here. “mortuos” in the Bass causes this relatively large gap for the first beat. I’d like to have an option to hide a hyphen at least locally in Engrave mode. Maybe also to have something in Engrave options for hiding hyphens in cases where a hyphen would cause a significant “inproportional” stretch?

Thanks for your suggestions. There are no global options for the situations you are showing here. We’ll certainly consider them for future versions.