A couple of "Incorporated" feature requests in Cubase 9

A couple of “Incorporated” feature requests in Cubase 9. NICE! :sunglasses:

[Windows]USB Midi Device Not Recognized After CB8 Is Running

For the above I have confirmed that, at least a USB connnected keyboard that gets disconnected (or is not plugged in from the get go) gets recognized by Cubase and it will work after plugging it back in. No interaction with Cubase is required. It just recognizes it.

Bring Back Option For MixConsole To Always Be On Top

For this one they have cleverly incorporated a user option to have the mixconsole work with the project window. Pretty nice feature.

Make All Transport Panel Features Available on the Top Toolb

For this one, again they have a user option to incorporate the functions of the transport panel into the project window. Again… nice.

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One concern I see with the new lower zone MixConsole…

“The master meter is not available in the lower zone MixConsole.”

This is probably going to be a issue for some.

The master meter is still available in the regular MixConsole but not in the new lower zone MixConsole… darn it.

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Cool, especially with the Transport thing!

the tabbed low zone is good, I really wish that more tabbing will come to town.

I would like it if I could move through tabs… with the tab key… and maybe a modifier. CTRL tab or something. I can set it as a key command, but it doesn’t work. Tried many times to set that up with the inspector.