A couple of Mixer improvements

Hello all,

I would like a couple of improvements in the mixer window:

  • Make the Mixer window a normal, always visible window. Alternatively it could be the bottom panel in Play mode.
  • It would be nice to have a bus for each flow, being enabled only while that flow is playing. That will simplify having different eq/compressor settings for each flow in mastering situations, for example.

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Genius. Cubase does it, never crossed my mind…


The Mixer will be receiving something of a revamp in the next major version of Dorico. In the fullness of time I expect we will extend it to include more flexible routing, groups, etc., as these are all supported by the underlying Cubase engine, but since those kinds of capabilities are not of use to all Dorico users, they have to fight it out for priority with everything else we choose to spend our time on.

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Thank you Daniel for your answer.

I agree with you that other things have an higher priority. Anyway I’m happy to know that something new will be available in the next future for the Mixer too.


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