A couple of n00b questions...

Hey all,

I’m having a few n00b issues with Cubase 6.5.1; the solutions to which I can’t seem to solve through my search attempts. Any help would be much appreciated:

  1. Is there a way to link the zoom level between the project view and the sample editor? Every time I click on a different audio event, the zoom level is always pre-selected to what was in prior use - meaning I could have 30+ different zoom levels depending upon which track I select!!!

  2. How can I ensure all automation is moved when audio events are moved? I am trying to move the position of an audio event - say 8 bars further back/earlier - though automation for said track does not move. Do I have to have all automation visible when making such a move? Is there any way to make automation follow audio movements without it needing to be visible?


I’d be interested in hearing the answer to #1, myself!

#2 is in the Preferences, a check box for “Automation Follows Events” or something like that. Sorry I don’t know which one it is offhand, but it is definitely findable.

Select “automation follows events”…not got my DAW switched on but it’s in the menus AND in the preferences.

Edit…sorry missed that preferences was already posted…so just to add it’s in the menus too!

To be more specific:

File > Preference > Editing (last check box, at bottom of window).

Cheers all!

Any luck on linking the zoom level between sample editor and project window? Or should this be a feature request?

I would love an “Automation Follows Events” option per track.