A couple of oddities (Galley view)

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d bring up what I think are a couple of oddities here… hopefully Daniel & team are already aware and altering/fixing this, but just in case, here they go:

  1. When I attempt to select a bar with a whole note tied from a previous measure, the notes don’t get selected, only any other items in that bar. I find this weird and would like the note to be selected as well (with the ones in the previous measure, of course).
  2. When scrolling down the page, the bar numbers don’t follow—they stay in the topmost staff. I would love for them to track the topmost staff on screen vs. topmost of the score, so we don’t lose the bar number reference when doing more intricate work.

Thanks! –π

  1. This is true both in page view and in galley view: block selection only selects items that begin in the bar you click in. This is unlikely to change in the near future.

  2. I agree it would be useful for bar numbers to appear above every staff in galley view and we do plan to add this in future.

Both questions have already been answered in the Forum, quite some time ago…
For the first one : there is a very good reason the whole note is not selected. This is due to how Dorico handles the notes. The note begins before the barline, and is seen by Dorico as a single note that lasts 9 quavers. It belongs to the bar before. This is because the program understands the rhythms that way that it can insert, move, change meters… so easily. So do not try to make it work as if it were another program :wink: Once you understand the concept underneath, it really makes sense.
I think your second thought is one of the things that will evolve in due time, because, of course, we want to know were we are on large scores !

[Edit] Well, I guess English not being my mother tongue, someone (well better informed) has answered first ^^

I understand the reasoning and logic behind how Dorico works—and I really like it—buuuuut… if I’m clicking to select a whole measure, it should include the note in that measure, and if it’s tied to a previous note I would expect it to be highlighted as well, including the note in the previous measure(s). This is especially true when shift-clicking to select a range!

Going along with this, I had a crazy bar meter change issue working on a score just now where I had 5/4 in the meter but only 4 beats being recognized, meaning I could only enter 4 quarter notes in the measure! This happens if you add a 4/4 change to one measure, then 5/4 change to the measure prior:

  • 4-4 in 5-4.png

Daniel, can this be improved? I understand the “grid” and that the proper way would be to add the 4/4 change to beat 2 of the bar, then the 5/4 will work itself out, but that just seems too complicated for my poor little brain after 18h of continuous work…

And what’s the best way to fix this without losing the placing of the music already entered into multiple instruments later in the flow—e.g. after bar 7 in the screenshot above? (Boy, am I glad we have CMD+Z! I totally screwed everything up for a minute trying to fix this, haha!)


Activate Insert Mode before you enter the 5/4 signature.

+1 for bar numbers to appear above every staff in galley view.

I was wondering whether a fixed ruler at the top might look better (less clutter) but above every staff makes it so easy to see where you are. Maybe a keystroke option to see/hide the bar numbers would be a useful addition.

Or perhaps just always at the top of the screen, no matter what the zoom and scroll, like the staff names?