A couple of possible bugs? Solution?

  1. Cursor keep disappearing in the editing window when doing Variaudio edits. Did restarts, reboots, it just keep disappearing.

  2. Tracks with active automation don’t have the green R button lit. (see screenshot). So sometimes I assume the track has no automation but it’s there and working which messes my work quite a bit/.

you’d probably have a much better chance to get a reply, if you give more detail, like your Cubase version (also use the appropriate tag) version and what operating system you’re running.

At least people with a matching setup could let you know if they have or have not encountered the same problem.

V10.0.6 and W10-64. Latest Nvidia driver (GTX1080).

If I’m switching between several vocal tracks in Variaudio mode (just aligning them). Some tracks will show the cursor. Some won’t.

Occasionally the cursor turns from a thick double white line to a one-pixel thin black line.

I have similar issue in Cubase 11. In the editors at times there is no cursor at all that’s true.