A couple of problems with Master Page/Master Page Sets


I have the following problems with Master Page/Master Page Sets:

  • If I insert a graphic frame into a master page of my own set, when I import this set in a new project and apply the master page, the image originally inserted in the graphic frame is lost, and I have to re-assign it again.

  • I would like to have an editable property for the image of a graphic frame because if you had 2 graphic frames one over the other, then double-clicking to assign the image will always act on the lower frame. With and explicit property I can overcome the problem without temporarily re-shape the frames to not overlap.

Best regards,

#1 is a known limitation, and I heartily agree! Same thing with project files themselves; would be nice if graphics could be embedded (as an option).

#2 if you can click on an edge of the other frame, hitting will open it in the editor.

And if you end up selecting a handle instead, hit Tab first.

Thank you