A couple of questions about custom layouts

I am trying to make a vocal score for this strange piece I’m writing.

my questions:

  1. is it possible to reorder the instruments only for a particular layout, and if so, how? (in this case, I want piano below the chorus in the vocal score, but not the full score).

  2. This piece involves looping, so some players actually are “playing” more than one instrument at a time. For instance, there’s a piano part that is looped (digital piano), and then the player switches to bari sax. So they’re both the same player, but I’d only like to have the piano appear in this layout and not the bari sax? Doable?

  3. The vocal section is relatively short, and at the end of a 9-minute movement. Is it possible for a layout to contain only an incomplete movement - a specified measure, range?


  1. Layout Options. Select the Vocal Score in the right panel, then go Players > Uses custom player order. Tick that, then move players up and down as you wish.

  2. Workarounds involve either using two separate players for piano and bari (this is by far the easiest), or copying/cueing everything from the piano into a separate piano player that only shows up in the vocal score.

  3. Not natively. Dump all multirests onto page 1, set page 2 to use the First Master Page, then throw in a text frame that explains where the chorus come in?

pianoleo you are my savior again - thank you!