A couple of questions about VariAudio.

  1. At one point when I selected a note segment and moved it around using the Pitch & Warp tool, it would audition the segment (audio playback) as I moved it around so I could hear what it sounded like at the various pitches. Now when I do the same, I get no audio playback. How can I get the audio playback back?

  2. When straightening the pitch of segments connected across more than one pitch, the result is that unnatural “Believe” effect. How can I avoid such a result in such an arrangement? I’m assuming it’s something I’m doing or a setting I need to adjust as when doing the same in Logic X, the results are entirely natural.

Thanks for the help!

I do have the Acoustic Pitch Feedback button on. Apparently this is what isn’t working. Any ideas?

Hiya Brock,

  1. Make sure that your control room is set up in VST connections as auditioning come through that bus, an easy way to test this is to select a file in the import audio file dialogue, if you can’t here anything in that window then the control room setup is most likely your problem.

  2. Try splitting the segments into individual pitches before you straighten them, also try shifting the whole segment into tune first, this can often sound more natural and you mightn’t need to straighten the pitch as much.



Configure your busses and auditioning settings correctly. - explaine more than once on the forums hee…

I’ve learned overtime that Variaudio is quite good when you use it sparingly and in a natural way.

It took me a lot of practice to make Variaudio sound good. It wasn’t so much the software as it was me not being a skilled vocal editor.

Thanks guys- you were exactly right about it being a Control Room/sound card setting. It’s working now.

Thanks for the user tips too. Basically I’ve been doing what you described - I was hoping to find a less interactive way of doing it.

I find that the straighten pitch control is very sensitive compared to the quantize pitch control (or our ears are maybe?). So if I’m using them then I go 75% on the quantize and 25% on the straighten. And then I check the results for the cher effect. More often I just snip the wobbly note up into small sections first, select them all and adjust the quantize & straighten bars. This I find gives a more even straightening of the wobble.


There is a lot more to variaudio than just quantize and straighten. You can also:

  1. Rotate the entire segment around a center point by holding in option and dragging on the top corners…
  2. Lock a rotation point and only change the section before the anchor point.

If gotten much better result by manually straightening rather dan using the straightening function.

the way i get good natural results in variaudio is by cuttin the begining an the end of a note to only straighten the middle part … its annoying and i’ve been requesting a feature to make transitions natural for a while … you guys should request that as well … the more request they have the more likely they’ll do it!
Use tab to switch between pitch and segment mode, thats way faster.

Yes indeed, don’t straighten the beginning and end, I should have said that too, excellent tip trashdinner!!

Personally I find that vari-audio is now much better than Melodyne specifically because of the two features mentioned by Rudi007. The ability to use a ‘locking point’ and rotate or slide up/down the end point is invaluable for making it natural.

But it’s still very clunky to use, which makes it difficult to get into and get adept. Steinberg would do well to make it much more ergonomic to use. For example, stick with the standard tools and key commands rather than using the tab key.

People always seem to want an automatic way of doing things but in my experience the only way to do things properly is the hard way, generally in minute detail and manually. And when you do that it pays dividends in making your music sound as good as the famous stuff. And sometimes it doesn’t take as long as you think anyway!


Okay, part 2 to the question:

How can I make it so I can have the click track and be able to audition audio edits through the same output? Seems like I can only have one or the other.

Just a quick note . . .

From what I heard in a video (AskVideo) on the 7.5 VariAudio - transitions between notes where one is shifted a lot has been smoothed significantly.

However, according to this guy, it only works in projects STARTED in 7.5.

Working on older projects will have varying results.

Can anyone tell me how I can hear both the click and audition audio without having to switch back and forth from using the main output and the Control Room?


That’s a good hint :exclamation: Thanks for that.


Enable click In the Control Room, set the click level, and you should be able to audition both through Control Room

Got it! I didn’t know those sections in the Control Room were expandable by double-clicking. Thanks!!

Yeah, unfortunately you can’ keep the expanded window when you return. As mentioned in other posts, control room was more intuitive in 7.06.

yep thats the way to go to avoid the “chimp” effect… but its hard to do so for every note…!! i think steiny improved it in C7.5 though…(less strathing in edges of note(if im not mistaken))

Here’s a good tip for you to avoid needless pain and aggravation: forget VariAudio and buy Melodyne, which not only achieves better results, but it’s actually even easier to use.

well its another topic, but its indeed too much work with VariAudio to achieve "automatic"corrections .no correction by scales for example…