A couple of questions re: X99/Cubase support's rig advice

Guys, in this thread a member mentioned mobos that are “tried and tested with Cubase”.

I bought 8.5 Pro and decided to install it on a dedicated rig. A local private seller had some rigs. I think I made a mistake and got one based on a discontinued Lenovo desktop line (probably for corporate use). Specs are good but I suspect the mobo.

Lenovo M91p Tower (Type 7052)
i7 2600K
Lenovo mobo w/integrated graphics, audio, network. Intel Q67 chipset, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Realtek ALC662 Audio, Intel 82579 network.
Intel 330 series 240GB SSD

It’s not working out. Lots of weird things going on with Cubase and also just in general. Builder is being very good about it and will make me a new rig and refund me 100% for this one. Now… what mobos are Cubase tried and tested? He has an X99 based rig and feels that it’s overkill for my needs but I couldn’t care less if I’m spending a few hundred bucks more than is necessary - I need stability. Here’s the rig

X99 Combo $1000
i7 5930K
ASUS X99 Deluxe
Kingston HyperX 32GB (4x8GB quad channel) DDR4
Coolermaster Hyper 212 (because CPU doesn’t come with a heatsink in its retail box)

Also, Cubase support told me that I should avoid

"i3 procs, integrated graphics and integrated WiFi"

Do you guys concur? I am going to spend some time now looking through the threads here to see if there’s a post which has ‘optimal rigs for Cubase 8.5’ but if you guys could respond re the Cubase support advice and with a few ‘tried and tested’ mobos, I would appreciate it a lot.