A Couple of Questions

Hi there ,
1.how do i determine if an insert slot is pre or post fader
2. how do i change the width (view) of the mixer channels , i pressed something by mistake and the mixer channels changed their appearance to wide ,i couldn`t find out make them narrow again so i had to restart the project. thanks.

By simply looking at the slot number

By pressing the “reduce channel with” - button in the “zoom palette” in the toolbar

ta for your reply ,im not at cubase at the moment but im talking about 8.5 ,i`ve never noticed numbers on the insert slots in the mixer .however i did notice the numbers on the mixer slots in 6.5 . ta, shall look later, probably my eyes . thanks

There are none, but the first 6 slots are pre-fader and the 2 last ones are post-fader.

ta for your reply ,sorry i still can`t find where to widen or make narrow the width of the mixer channels ,using 8.5

User the Zoom Palette in the tools bar:
Track Zoom Palette.png
If you don’t see it, right-click on the toolbar and make sure that Customize Toolbar/Zoom Palette is ticked.

Ta very much . Svenne

Zooming console also works with G and H (just like in project window) when the mixer is the active window.

cheers man/woman (pc), that`s handy to know, i only used G/H for zooming in and out of the audio and midi stuff.