A couple of questions

Hi guys

I’m using Nuendo 8 on Windows 10 Professional

I hope you can help me with a couple of (maybe stupid -sorry!) questions?

  1. If I select a couple of clips on my timeline and i want to see the duration of my selection, Nuendo only shows me the length of the first clip of my selection on the info bar.
    My work around for this is to locate the selection and double clicking on an empty track below it, or to glue the selection together, or to use the range tool.
    Is there a way that I can instantly see the duration for the whole selection?

  2. For key commands, nuendo still saves my keys in an xml format. Yet if you click on the preset folder in key commands, it wants to open a .key or a .mac file? How do I save my key commands as a .key or a .mac file?
    If i want to import old key commands i still have to go the massive route of c:\user\name\appdata\roaming\steinberg\nuendoversion\presets\keycommands and copy my xml keys from there
    (it was a fresh install on a new machine so no older Nuendo versions were present)
    Is there a better way that I am missing please?

  3. If I add any extra hotkeys under my key commands and I want to save it in my presets, I have no way of selecting from a list my existing preset name and saving over it. Nuendo just gives me a blank space to type in the name of a new preset? Is there a way that I can do this?

  4. The moment I split a wav file into to mono files and it is in my pool, I am unable to use the stereo version of this file at a later stage. If I want to use the stereo file, Nuendo automatically reverts back to the mono split file. Is there a preference that can fix this that i do not know about?