a couple of songs

Hi, I would appreciate some feedback on songs I recorded in Cubase LE. Generally it is not very “serious” music. If you like or don’t like it - I would appreciate it if you let me know.

Post this at Soundcloud or something, MySpace takes forever to load anything.

Ok, here it is: http://soundcloud.com/singlebit .

Well someone is having a lot of fun in the basement, that’s for shure. :smiley:

Absurdistic music!

What the intention is, sometimes a nice hook passes along only to be rudely cut off with useless edits.
I can’t find any structure, all bits of different recordings mashed up…And I don’t mean in a good way.

There is nothing wrong with absurdistic music, if you listen to flexable from Steve Vai you will be bombardet with utterly strange and maniac melodies accompanied on an out of control Linn drummachine.
Still how bizar as it gets, you still hear layers of quality. even in the song: there is something dead in here.

Thanks for your response. I’m just experimenting and usually trying to achieve an effect of some kind of “strangeness” and “unpredictability”, but there is a long way ahead before I could make it sound like a coherent whole, do it without at the same time making things sound “unreadable” or "random’’ or “unstructured”. Thanks for your opinion.

Ah okay, well experimenting and creating stuff outside the box is something I can only respect.
I almost do it the other way around, I want to sound almost mainstream, that combined with my own strangness.
I think I don’t have the guts to completely write from scratch. While I write record and mix I have existing material in my head as a reference.

Maybe what you do is more true to the heart but the downside is that a lot of people will not understand it (including me)
Maybe you also have to figure out where the priority lies. When I listen to your music I think it needs a lot more and better sounddesign. And the different pieces need to get more in contact with eachother. use delays, filters and reverbs to composite it all together. Build bridges that introduce the next part so the listener willl be guided in your yourney. You know how it all goes, the listener doesn’t, keep that in mind while making music, do a step back and try to listen as an outsider, make decisions as an outsider.

I also believe that when you have inspiration the piece writes itself, a piece of music anticipates, needs a breakdown, needs a transponation. If you do that counter intuitive then the song will get so unpredictable that nooen can and will enjoy it.

Overall, I like your experimental journey, curious how this will evolve.

Greetz Dylan.