A couple of suggestions: Voice Indicator and Paragraph Styles.

As always, apologies if these have been suggested before…

  1. Could the little voice indicator by the caret be made to carry the note information that’s about to be entered - I.e not just voices but also accents, slurs, rests etc. I ask because it sits right next to the action and I think having all the information there, rather than spread out some distance away from the action, would significantly reduce the number of errors.

  2. Could there be an option to have the last used Paragraph Style pre-selected rather than the Default text?

Just discovered there is already a thread on suggestion 1.


Are you aware that you can program a custom key command to summon a particular paragraph style?

(as long as you’ve saved that Paragraph style as default)

I had noted to suggest one of these days more flexible ways to deal with Text, including being able to change Paragraph Style without invoking the text editor, id est having it as a Property, which might aid your task at hand also.

Would you mind to explain how to do this?
I can’t find it wether in “Key Commands” nor in “Paragraph Styles”!

From the Edit Paragraph Styles dialog, save your paragraph style as default (by clicking the star icon in the bottom left corner). Having done that, you should be able to search for that paragraph style in the Key Commands section of Preferences.

Thanks pianoleo.
I now have found it, “Create Text” in the “Note Input” section of “Key Commands”
I would never have thought of searching in “Note Input”!

That’s why there’s a search function there :wink:

Of course! You were the one who told me some time ago. :slight_smile:

This is request goes one step further. If I’'ve finished a flow and it calls for information about instruments (as Vocal Scores do), I’ll then enter anywhere between 20 and 100 pieces of information, all of which require the same formatting. It’s easier if the formatting is already there rather than just repeating the same keystrokes prior to Shift-X every time.

It was, as I say, just a suggestion. An option to have the last selected format loaded instead of the default text. To be honest, I’ve set up Paragraph Styles that pretty much cover what I want now - I think the last time I needed the Default Text would have been late last year.

For the record, I use paragraph styles exactly the same way and would also like the popover to remember the previous state, or at least have an option to do so.

That’s an interesting idea. I’d love it if the shiftX popover remembered my last adjusted settings!