A couple recording questions

I have two simple recording questions:

  1. I’m watching a guy record on YouTube and when he messes up a part he appears to hit a single button to go back to the beginning of the take and also to delete said take.

You can see it here @ 17.40 Misha Mansoor Songwriting Masterclass part 1 of 3 - YouTube

He has the playback set to return to cursor position that much is clear, but I don’t know how he’s deleting the take as well with a single button?

  1. When recording multiple takes in a repeating locator range, if every single take was bad and I want to start over how can I delete all lane takes at once without physically highlighting them all with a mouse?

Thanks so much!

He is pressing the space bar and delete…
last recorded clips are automatically selected

you have to select them, it doesn’t matter how but you have to select them