A Cubase WAV Microphone in Wavelab Editor


I have a WAV file that comes from Cubase 10.
I like to edit it in Wavelab 9.5.
Because it is a Microphone Vocal, i do not want to WAV file to be shortened (by edit cuts).
I only use backspace and that silences the part.
Now, by editting i sometimes make a mistake (by cutting instead of silensing) and then the WAV becomes shorter and the vocals are not aligned anymore.

Is there a possibillity in Wavelab 9.5 that CUT and taking out parts of the wav file can be locked.
So all time the wav file stays as long as started with ?



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One way would be to use the montage because it is non-destructive - but it very much depends on the type of editing you are doing.
Otherwise a good supply of strong coffee might do the trick :wink:

Thx for the answer. I will try montage.

I have changed te Backspace Mute to the key ‘B’.
No the Spacebar Play and B Mute are easyer to do with the keyboard.
So that solved the most of the ‘hitting the keyboard with my hand problem’.
Anyway it was a minor problem that i hit the DEL key sometimes.

I am muting all parts in the vocals where breathing is in the vocal.
And yes i am doing some kind of house style vocals, so it needs no breaths.

So it kinda works better now doing this…

Have fun!