A "deBreath"macro, need help

Thank you for your replies. I tried both suggestion in the past and it didn’t work for me. The problem is a lot of African languages have syllables/vovels/clicks that are softer than the breath. Bushman language has only clicks for example, and those are at the beginning and end of the words, so both solution are dangerous since I could cut out half of the word :slight_smile: . Happened to me once. Being old school I like to have control what I’m cutting.
Anybody has an idea how to program this macro?

-Assign a Key Command to “process/gain”.
-Use range tool to select the area with the breath.
-Use Key Command
-Set to desired level


Once you have done this once, you can limit yourself to “select range” “hit KC”, Enter.


Or you could try something like:

  1. make the 2 cuts with the scissors
  2. start a macro that consists of ‘Navigate left’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Locate selection’

Would that get you going?

As you can see, there’s a lot of ways to achieve what you’re going for. It’s up to you to decide which way suits you best.

Best regards,

Thats exactly what I already have, but this only decreases the level. Thanx Fredo

Good Idea. Will try ASAP

-Select Range



That was my first thought as well :slight_smile:
But the OP wants to use the scissor tool.


Thx Fredo and Martijn

Scissors are faster. I can let it roll and cut on the go. With range you have to stop, make a range, delete, hit play… to many clicks… :open_mouth:
There should be a function: Cut the last event. Then you use stationary cursor and just cut as you go … :mrgreen:

It makes me think:
I’m running with stationary cursor; I mark the beginning and the end of the range and then hit DELETE. Perfect solution but there is no way to tell the cursor to start and end the range :frowning:

I was wondering why you wanted to use the scissor tool.
But I don’t think it will make a difference.
If you are able to cut twice while the project rolls, then you can as easily define a range.

But it’n not up to me to question your workflow.
You must have a good reason to use the scissors tool.


Try with a running cursor, and zoom in so you have detail enough to cut out whatever you need.


Also you could try alt click to cut at cursor position.

I have a 17 button gamer mouse (razer naga) that allows for keyboard shortcuts and macros. You can setup a button to cut at cursor and another one to delete and fly at speeds faster than Paganini and Malmsteen together… :wink:


Exactly. I do all kinds of things while the project is playing. Deleting, fading, crossfading, leveling, etc. A real time saver. The stationary cursor would make this really hard or even impossible.


Thank you Fredo.

How would you automate it?.
I don’t have to use scissors.
Lets see. You run the project, the cursor comes to the point you want to cut, you hit cut, cursor rolls( be it stationary or not), next cut, cursor rolls, you hit a key and previous event is cut while you still roll to the next

I hope it makes sense.I just don’t want to stop rolling, mark range with the mouse delete, play…
Is there a function to locate/mark previous event while rolling?

Yes I understand, I do so as well. :slight_smile:.
The problem is, if you are not fast enough the screen will jump forward and you loose focus if you have follow cursor on.
When I’m cutting I only see couple of seconds and the cursor is allready 2 km ahead :slight_smile:.

Thx. Sure I can, but still I have to select the event. I want Nuendo to select it for me, while I’m still rolling… :slight_smile:

Like I said before: Navigate left.

Oh man :facepalm:

There we go.
Thank you :blush:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I use “split at curser” at the beginning of the breath then “cut head” at the end of the breath.
I have programmed A , S , D QWERTY keys in key commands as Cut Head(A) , split at curser(s) , Cut Tail(d)
One hand scrolls while the other operates the editing key commands A,S & D.

Or hold "ALT "and mouse click to split at cursor , then with the mouse trim the head of the file up to the beginning of the next word.