A decent freeze ?

I’m asking for it since cubase 4, but will we ever have a decent freeze in cubase ?

No. We all have proper computers now. :mrgreen: They don’t need freeze.

Do you ? I get a quad core intel and after the midi and recording process, i have to go in samplitude to make my plugs/mixing work.
Because of the lack of freeze.
The cubase freeze is a kind of prehistoric one.

Forgive me, because I do mean this seriously, but, what is wrong the freeze currently?
It seems to work fine to me.

You can’t move nor copy the frozen events to another track… It’s nothing but it’s really usefull and an important part in my workflow ! Have to create a new audio track, arm, record, etc in cubase is really boring.

I prefer CTD over a freeze personally…


There’s your trouble. Cubase is obviously too boring to use. :mrgreen: