A disk overload occured during the export


I got this message, “A disk overload occured during the export”
This is not a big mix, I have made bigger mixes before.

A disk overload occured during the export.jpg

I have the same problem when I did the first export to WMA after MP3 trial license expired.
Export to WAV is OK.

Any Help?

Update: on the same Windows 7 64-bit system, my the other Cubase Ai7 installation can export same project setup and recording to WMA without problem. So obviously it is NOT the hadware issue, it is a Cubase Ai8 problem.

I’m calling for HELP! but worrying when I search on this forums, this problem was reported as early as on Cubase 5.X and seems there is NO HELP at all from Steinberg side.

I discovered the root cause !

After I set UR22 sampling rate to 96KHz instead of 192KHz, the problem solved.

I purchased Steinberg UR22 instead of another device from Tascam because UR22 claimed to support 192KHz sampling. Now I discovered that the bandled Cubase Ai8 can not support WMA export with project sampling rate at 192KHz!

Steinberg! We travel extra miles as end end user to identify the root cause for you, please do your duty to add this to your bugs fix list.