A disk overload ocurred diring the export

When mixing with a Music 6.0 output, and one Stereo Output I got the message A disk overload ocurred diring the export

any reason for this?

This is interesting–and mysterious, at least over here. I’ve had the same thing happen a couple of times with stereo and mono mixes on my desktop setup, which is all SSDs. Trying again took care of it, and it happens very rarely… but still…


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The strange thing is that my project seems to be damaged, I can not find the source, because I have removed the outs that are for music in 6.0, and the additions of track FX that I inserted from another project and that were not so many, I have been removing plugin by plugin, of the new ones I added in the project and still causes the error when export…

Fortunately I had a back up before trying 6.0, but I think this should be reported to technical support.

Could you give me a little more information on what situations this has happened to you, or does it happen randomly?

Geez, that’s weird.

I wish I could tell you more about my situation, but it does appear to be random over here at this point, and has only happened a couple of times over the past two or three years. The first time it happened I switched my output destination to another disk and that took care of it immediately, but I’ve exported countless projects to the original disk since then with no issue until a couple of weeks ago when it happened again. That time I restarted my computer (it had been on for a long time) and tried again, and it did fine. And neither episode corrupted my project.

Wish I could be of more help! Good luck with tech support…


Added potentially material info: I’m pretty sure I ran Disk Utility both times (I’m on a Mac), and that no issues were reported/fixed when I did. And whenever something inexplicable like this happens I run Onyx. But… don’t know what platform/OS you’re running!

In my case im on windows 10

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