A dream about templates in the hub

I had this little dream about being an expert instead of having to deal with the peculiarities of the easy mode which is what’s in the hub now. Better than a thousand words is an image.

Set the folder for templates at the top and that folder is marked with a Cubase logo. Double-click on one of the files and it opens as a template i.e “Untitled-01.cpr” in Cubase. Save the file outside the templates folder and you have a project. Save it inside and you have another template. No clutter and no nonsense “recording, mastering, scoring, production” etc taking up space for a real file browser. All available from within Cubase. I’d fly through the process of opening the project I wanted.
And, no, don’t overanalyze the folder names. It’s only there for illustration. But … I kind of like it so maybe I actually change mine hehe?

Anyone else also tired with the oversized icons, cramped up space and general over engineering of this simple files and folders dialog box?