...A dream ! Thanks

Actually I work on my very first score created with Dorico.
It’s a pretty unusual way to write music and it work as a charme!

No key signature, no time signature, Beaming across bars…


I did the same score …years ago with Finale !
Was a treamedious amout of «tweaking» and camouflage !

With Dorico v 1.0 it is like natural, like handwriting process.

Thanks to the Dorico’s developper team

Alain LeBlond
Composer born in 1957

Me too - now I’ve got the hang of the note entry/editing system it feels so fast, solid and reliable, and I can focus on the music instead of the tool (which never happened with Sibelius for me). Things that used to take me minutes of fiddling can happen in a couple of key presses, particularly when modifying existing score, composing etc. This is how score editing should have been done from the start; it’s not about manipulating symbols, it’s about manipulating music.

I’m also blown away by printing. I often need to export as image files to load into viewing software for performance, and in Sibelius it was always a fiddly job trying to get margins and aspect ratios right, then the results would invariably come out blurry and hard to read. Diroco just effortlessly nails this; I have full control to get it to lay out exactly how I want, and store that as a printing template for next time, and the images come out clean and clear, regardless of the size/resolution I require.

Sure, there are some important bits missing, and some features not quite right, but that’ll come. Fantastic work, Dorico team, I can’t wait for the updates!