A few 7.5.20 issues

I’m experiencing big troubles on a medium large project with three movie reels (HDnx) and not so much FXs (3-4 Nebula instances, 3 Kontakt instances, everyday plugins like Waves c4 and D16 Group stuff, Omnisphere. No warez, everything legit).

Windows 7 x64, i7 860, 16go ram.

First, video playback is now a problem (wasn’t before or i don’t recall).

  • For the playback to work, you always have to bring the video window front first before hitting spacebar. Otherwise, if you bring F8 after having hit the spacebar, you’ll encounter a white blank video window… You have to hit F8 a few times until you got the picture back again.
  • if you double-click to go fullscreen, you’ll certainly have your project window showing in the middle of your fullscreen video. Hitting F8 two times brings the video back but sometimes not.

Second, Cubase now crashes with the “serious error blabla window alert” during what i’ve identified as clipboard management. It crashes simply when i select and copy things (evertyhing : audio events, midi events, automation points) and paste them (well, try to paste them). Sometimes, it crashes on copy, even before i hit the ctrl-V.

Three, i also noticed some weird FX insert problems where a plugin is showing on a track it should not be while not beeing on the one it should. Having to restart.

EDIT : right now, just moved a midi event with alt pressed in order to copy and create a new midi track, boom, endless spinning wheel on my mouse cursor, forced to end task in the task manager.

Please, can you move it to the ISSUE subforum ? Thanks.

If you could take a couple minutes to read http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=184&t=32010

Briefly, it should be one issue per post, and have a step by step “recipe” that reproduces the problem.

Post that follow the format can be moved there (or stay there, as the case may be)

Okay. Problem is it takes time to do so, but will do. Thanks.

Agreed, it does take time. A nice, neat recipe that can be reproduced right away is more likely to see some progress, while one that requires some figuring out and extra detective work might be put aside for a later moment when there’s time available.

Also clean reports cut back on Aspirin use. :laughing: