A few bugs in Dorico 2 on Mac

Hello! First off, I just wanted to say thank you to the developers for such a truly wonderful piece of software! After 12 years on Finale and 9 on Sibelius, I am so grateful to use Dorico - the concepts behind it are exactly what I was missing in other programs.

I just wanted to mention a few bugs in Dorico that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere:

  1. When Dorico is running on my 2013 15" MacBookPro retina (High Sierra), the computer does not go into screen saver mode nor turn off the display after my normally indicated amount of time. This is consistent and only occurs when I have Dorico running (though Dorico doesn’t need to be the window in focus). This occurred with Dorico 1 and still occurs with Dorico 2.

  2. In Dorico 2 specifically, when I leave the active Dorico window and then try to return to it Dorico stops responding - I end up having to force quit Dorico.

Apologies if these have already been mentioned and addressed! Thank you again for the superlative support and development!

  1. This is due to the audio engine, which keeps everything awake. If this really bothers you, you can try setting the ‘Suspend audio device in background’ option in Preferences, but be warned that this can be a bit unreliable and you may find the audio engine behaves strangely or Dorico hangs if it loses focus during start-up.

  2. This sounds uncannily as if you have already got the ‘Suspend audio device in background’ option set! But I guess perhaps you haven’t. Next time this happens, please open Activity Monitor, find the Dorico 2 process in the list, and click the cog icon to take a sample of the process, then send the resulting file to me by email with a link to this thread. My email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Thank you very much!

  1. Yes, you’re right - that option is unchecked; now that I know the mechanics and that it’s expected behavior I’ll leave it that way.

  2. My workaround for the above was to close the laptop lid when I got up to take a break. When I returned, I realized that doing so caused the other issue. I had already experimented some more with leaving the open window and returning to it, and that caused no issues. However, closing the laptop lid did replicate the application hanging issue, so I must have misdiagnosed it the first time I posted. I have made a process sample (I think) and will email it to you now - thanks again!

This happens consistently with my system, too, even with ‘Suspend audio device in background’ enabled. This happens with Dorico running and no project open.