A few C7 tips here...

This is not a review of Cubase 7, it is a compilation of some useful things I have come across that were not that obvious at first. (Some may already exist as part of earlier versions).


All have screen shots and some animated GIFs to demonstrate.


KC and saved presets for CH&Rack config would be very useful.
wrote it in other topic already but this topic can be great for new tips user have.

my tip: Alt+left click where normally bypass insert plugin in mixconsole will turn the plugin off (not just bypass)

Cool stuff, Phil! Thx.

Nice, thanks


in the appearance you have “project color” !!! I don’t have this one how can it be ? you have 5 menu I have only 4 !!!
& if I “right clic” let say on the mix fader color I’ve got nothing !
explanation needed thanks


Thanks Phil!

maybe nuendo?

maybe ! :frowning:

Same here, actually. No ‘Project Colors’ in my Appearance submenu…

Thanks Phil

Added in our Knowledgebase :wink:
Would like to see more

Greetz Bassbase

Thank you for the heads-up that is really handy!

Good Tip page. Some of this is also covered in the excellent Club Cubase vids


I’m sure a lot of it will eventually be covered in many places but these were things I had gathered myself originally and will be constantly updated as I discover more as per…

Good tips Phil, thanks :wink: