A few Cubase 9 bugs

I work 40h a week on cubase and since the latest update to 9, I’ve noticed a lot of bugs and issues.

1- I have often have undo history errors and I’m not even talking about the new mixer history. Just the basic usual undo history. Events that deleted events that is totally inexplicable. In the history, I moved passed a track duplication command and it deleted an event. Totally unacceptable.

2- At some point in a session, my midi tracks started to be linked for no reason. I had duplicated a theme but not liked them (grouping not active) I could not move a note without moving that same note on all tracks. Reloading the session fixed it but made me loose half an hour because I was working on a contrepoint and had to fix all other tracks once I was done. Very frustrating.

Instead of releasing a new version every year, mabe stabilize the active versions for us that work with the program 40h/week. No matter how great the features, I need DAW that’s flawless when it comes to stability. Nothing worse than a bug that messes up my work. I’d rather the program crashed than making me loose a few ours of work when It delete an event by duplicating a track. It was clear in the undo history that there was not delete command but yet the event vanished on a duplication command.

Only so many strikes when it comes to deleting an event.

Had the same issue. The MIDI Events are probably linked/grouped (CTRL+G). Press CTRL+U to unlink them and you should be good to go. Happened to me multiple times although I can’t recall ever pressing the “Group” Key Command.

Hope that helped.

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If you had reproduction steps for these problems then they could get fixed easier. Anecdotal bug reports aren’t as useful as you might think.