A few Days to get back to my requests... Sorry but, no

At the supportpage under My Requests you write, Will be back in a few Days but two of my requests are 13 days old and 10 days old and still no answer.
Now I have sent you another request today about another thing but if the response time is this long, is there any chance you answer in time?
I do understand you have a lot to do but a support is a support and usually the support will be back to you in 2-3 days at the most from other companies.
Is the Forum the right way to post your Requests or under My Steinberg/My Requests?

And last, why is your website https://www.steinberg.net so slooooow :slight_smile:
Its sometimes very frustrating.

Best regards
Peter Stedt

I am sorry if this sounds harsh but the reason support is slow is because people submit support requests for things that are easily solved if the user just puts in some effort. A support department is not intended for help with uninstalling a library. I can’t see the details of your other support requests but the subject suggests there is a lot of information available in the forum and knowledge base. Have you looked here and in the knowledge base?

Hi and thanks for the harsh… :slight_smile:
No problems with that and I can understand what you aiming at,the RTFM :slight_smile:
But if we always has to read the manual or the knowledge base it does not seem a support would be necessary at all.
Still, yes you are right but at least one question have been fine to get feedback to. That one about my computer chrash.
Thanks again for you quick reply!