A few errors in the operation manual


In the “Track Quick Controls” chapter, under the “Assigning Parameters to Quick Controls” section, on p.615, : “Get default QCs from Plug-inn” <- Plug-in, not Plug-inn

In the “MIDI realtime parameters and effects” chapter, under the “MIDI Modifiers” section, on p.645, there’s one typo: “To activate Hermode tunig”

In the “Using MIDI devices” chapter, under the “About Device panels (Cubase Pro only) > Device panels in the program” section, on p.664, it says “Several device maps can be found in the Knowledge Base on the Steinberg web site.” but I think this is not true anymore. It seems this was removed from the online knowledge base.

In the “Using MIDI devices” chapter, under the “Adding Multiple Presets” section, on p.663, the illustration screenshot is not related to the topic discussed. It actually belongs to the “Automating device parameters” section later in the chapter, and we can find this same screenshot on p.667.

In the “MIDI Editors” chapter, under the “Key Editor” section, on p.698, an icon is introduced, with this description: “Hide Colors - Allows you to hide the colors.” however, I can’t see this icon, not even right-clicking the toolbar to possibly display icons hidden by default. I guess this icon was removed.


Just a quick info, the Manual installed with 8.0.5 has since been revised, and there is an updated Manual with more pages. Some of the errors you describe have since been fixed, and the page references are all different now.
As the manual has been revised, it only makes sense to use and comment on the current version. :wink:

Thank you. I’ll be more careful next time. I’m downloading the 8.0.10 update as we speak :wink:

Hi all,

on page 632 (Operation_Manual.pdf) the ‘Pick-up’ flag isn’t documented. It should be after 'Relative flag. I reported this to net steinberg info almost one month ago and no reply yet. I also reported in the same mail 5 doc issues more about Groove Agent 4.

The real problem is that steinberg don’t put the revision number or date on the credits page for every doc so it isn’t user fault. Users are demanding this in several topics.


The revision information can be found in the Document Properties (File Menu in Adobe Reader)
EN 150204

Thank you BriHar,

is there any way for linking the revision info (EN 150204) to the cubase release (8.0.10) ?

Best regards

Technically, the Operation Manual (in question) is for Cubase 8 Pro and is not specific to any of the individual maintenance updates, i.e. a new revision replaces the previous one within the life cycle of the Application. Perhaps we’ll see another revision with the next software update - perhaps not, they don’t go hand in hand, but I hope they continue to revise. Theoretically a revised Manual could be released at any time unrelated to the applications build revisions, (but that would be heretofore unprecedented :wink: ).