a few issues i cant get past ?

Hey guys,
so i have 3 issues im having at the moment…
if any of u can help me with at least 1, i’ll be ever so grateful… I have recently upgraded to Cubase 7 from 6.

My first and most important issue is, my auto save does not seem to be working , i have set it to autosave every 5 mins… and after a crash or 2 that occurred , when re opening the project i was not offered to open a back up project when i was sure it had crashed well over 5 mins of use… ? any ideas what could be causing this?

My second issue is , i have set it so that every new channel i add, sets the event to a different color in the sequencer… but yet every channel added always stays grey in color… and i have to change colors manually… i cannot figure out what im maybe missing ??

and lastly, i seem to be getting a crash alot when trying to do offline processing to an audio file … for example i have a sound bounced down… double click it, and open up a reverb plugin to process so that i can save some CPU… when i click apply or process … bang cubase 7 crashes. has anyone had this problem ?? it even happened to me when simply trying to reverse the audio file… clicked process reverse…and boom. crash… ???

any help with this would be great guys…
if u need to know, im running a PC i7 3.4 ghz, 4GB ram, Windows 7 64bit…and im running cubase in 7 32bit.

hope someone can shine some light on this… much thanks!!

  1. In the Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole, you can set, what color will be set, ehwn you create new track. In the Auto Track Color Mode, you have 4 options, here.

it’s a reported issue and hasn’t been fixed yet like a lot of mixer issues


Thanks so far for the replies, Martin yes I have set it to that, but still nothing… But I understand from the last post that this is an issue that needs to be fixed…

Any other advice about my other issues??
Also I’m thinkin of installing cubase 6 back into my freshly formatted pc … Is it ok todo so with cubase 7 installed??
Or could this maybe cause any issues?

Yes, you can instal Cubase 6, and switch between Cubase 6 and Cubase 7.

I’m not using offline processing very often. But when I have been used this, I don’t have a problem with Cubase 7 – no crash.

What about to use freezing insteat of the bouncing?