A few Layer questions

It would be really helpful to be able to select a specific Layer through MIDI and open / focus the plugin VST window for visual feedback and touch screen control.

  • First, is there a shortcut meant to open the plugin window for a selected Layer?
  • The ‘Open Editor On Activation’ option only seems to quickly flash the VST window when switching parts. Strangely, it does seem to function properly if the layer has a ‘Duplicate Shared’ part.
  • In Actions & Shortcuts, Next/Previous/Select Layers do not seem to do anything at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

No, we’ll think about it.

It closes the one for the Part that is de-activated, and opens a new one for the newly selected plugin.

In that case, it’s the same plugin and the window just stays open. In the first case, there are two different plugin instances.

oh my…right you are, will be active with the next update.
Once this is fixed, you can select a specific Layer with a MIDI message, where usually data2 will provide an index for the Layer to be selected.

Will also check again for Layer plugin editor activation.

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… sorry, fixed now.


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Much appreciated. I do hope VST window switching will find its way in the Actions list, it opens up quite a nice workflow. I realize that additional resources are loaded (depending on plugin) which can interfere on part switching - so maybe a focus switch if the window is already open would be a better approach.

Either way, I appreciate your responsiveness.

Will be available with the upcoming version.