A few little flashes of my Cubase life

Hi, on my site I have a demo page which has some flash snippets of works I’ve made with Cubase, if you’d like to have a listen, please visit here

Cheers - Robin

I thought I’d taken a browse through your site before, but I’d definitely not heard these. Lots of variety, and well produced sound from all the music here (at least all that I listened to. ) :slight_smile:

Did you do all these yourself or did you have others come in to do certain instruments?


Its all me, not a speck of cereal! :laughing: I have other material with collaborators, but that is not posted. In the distant past I worked in a couple of studios full time for about 5 years, midi programming and producing in various genres, however I always left the engineering to others… I also spent a lot of time composing and programming at home.

In the past 5 years, after a 15 year absence from it all, I have resumed and am “wearing all the hats”. That is largely thanks to discovering VST and Cubase! I am looking to resume a part time business in the next couple of years, and supporting local musicians up in the north. That will be a combination of getting more $$$ for gear, and for the love of it all! :wink:

Thanks for the kind words. Cheers

A nice selection there Robin. :slight_smile:

One typo:

We are please> d > > to present …

Also, I had a few issues with the flash players on your page. There’s no visual cue as to which song is playing, AND when you subsequently hit play on another song the previous one keeps playing so you end up with a real mess! What needs to happen is that pressing play on one song automatically triggers stop on the currently playing tune.

I have the exact same issue on my own website so if you ever come up with a solution to this let me know! :smiley:

You would need to program the flash file. I can’t remember exactly what it’s called, because I haven’t programmed flash in a while, but it is something that is like

"tell movie" IF "cursor" not = 0, stop THEN play target. But on multiple mini flash files like Robin has, it would have to be done a different way.

All nicely done. All, dare I say, sounding as as if they were played on the same instrument. What selection of samplers, virtual instruments etc. do you use? Were there live elements?

Sorry all, got caught up in the holiday preparations, and don’t have time to respond just now. I am aware of the flash player issues and am sourcing another player. I find that Chrome seems to work fine, Firefox has issues.

Will post again once repaired.


Thanks Laurence. I use a wide range of virtual instruments, however, there is electric and accoustic guitar, electric bass and some real percussion here and there. I am surprised a little that you would say there was some “sameness” in terms of instruments… Thanks for listening and for your kind words.

Regards - R

Hi Ian, thanks. I will get this sorted after the holidays. I have tried a few basic players and I think I have an inexpensive one found not that seems to work… will PM you a link, cheers.

I listened to them all. Nice. I especially like the one’s where the layers are slowly introduced, such as ‘Midifex’.
Good stuff.


Thanks Lenny, its kind of like a DNA slice of one’s musical life… (hey now there’s a lyric!)

Hi everyone, I finally updated my site with a better flash player, so for those of you who kindly paid a visit before only to be annoyed by crappy flash, this time around may be better!

Click here to visit !



thats a much better system. lots of great atmospheres in your work. listened to the first 4. alchemist is a wild track, really liked that one.


In my younger days, we did a lot of psuedo-astral-travelling, if you know what I mean :astonished: , I’ve never lost my love for spacey themes and ethereal density since then… But now I fly sober! :wink: :laughing:

I certainly do, lol, kinda miss those days. anyway alot of great styles you have


I also listened to all of them. Nice smorgasboard of styles there. Have you ever thought of doing jingle/beds/background work? I’ve done a bit through my brother’s ad agency, and invariably the client wants a style I have no competence in. So I fake it and am always a bit surprised when they like it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Doug, I value your opinion.

I’ve done one or two “Ad” things for some small businesses, and a further “yes”, I have thought about going into voice overs even, some of my evil henchmen are pushing me towards a Taxi membership, I am skeptical though. Heard conflicting stories about its worthiness.


Yeah, I’ve thought about taxi but I’ve also heard the usual “ripoff” accusations. I think you’re better off hooking up with one or two reliable sources of work and going from there. A friend of mine here little old Decatur, IL quit his job as an AC repairman and makes a living doing music backing for State of Illinois presentations as well as hospital presentations, etc. He started off small and gradually built his rep

Its just getting connected with those one or two that really counts… not so easy. But cheaper than Taxi! :open_mouth: