A few more default autmomation options

For a MIDI track, when you click “add an automation track” your options are “Volume”, “Pan”, “Mute” and more . (see attached screen shot). I get that these are parameters common to both audio and MIDI tracks.

I’m someone who deals in 99.99% MIDI tracks, doing MIDI mockups. I use the common MIDI CC’s relentlessly:: CC11-Expression, CC-1 Modulation, and CC-2 Breath Control. I get that I can drill into “More | Add Parameter…” but that gets a little old when you have to go through all that for the same old common CC parameters all day long. I’m sure Cubase ‘knows’ when you’re adding an automation channel to a MIDI track. Might it, in that situation, also present the most relentlessly common CC channels of CC11-Expression, CC-1 Modulation, and CC-2 Breath Control?

You could setup the various Automation Lanes the way you want and save that in your Template. Also, I assume (but can’t confirm) that saving Track Presets will retain their Lane structure.