A few more more things


I am not sure if this is a bug, I cannot adjust the level of the control room monitor Volume or switch between speaker sets (A B C D) while doing a real time mix down. As you can in N5.

I would also like to see Duration added to the print track sheet function which would help with music cue sheet preparation. At the moment I export the music tracks to PTools and print from there.

Also could ITU-R BS.1770=2 (OR 3) be added to the loudness meter?

And of course as already listed EDL compiling

Al in all a stable release

Mike S

I thought 1770-2 was ebu r128


Huge +1000.

Cue sheet preparation, audiobook length calculation, myriad other useful applications. I would have used that function twice today, already.

For that matter, and I’ve brought this up for pretty much every version of Nuendo, so why stop now, it would be awesome, helpful and absolutely post-oriented to have at least rudimentary cuesheet and spotting capability from within the program. Considering Nuendo walks both sides of the music/post fence, this feature which is integral to where they meet (and isn’t included in anybody else’s DAW, so far as I know) would be a great addition.



Almost the same but -24 is the ref level and there is a gate function.


There’s a gate function in R128 though.

And I’m not sure I understand how the reference level makes a difference. I thought the method of measuring loudness was the same (with gating) and that the “reference level” was simply the preferred level as stated by the “authorities”. So if the measuring works the same way it doesn’t really matter if there are different “references”, just pick one.

Am I missing something? I must be.