A few 'Newbie' questions.


I am at an early stage in getting used to Dorico, but I keep coming back to the same questions, so I thought I should put them all together in one post.

  1. I expect to be crossgrading (?) to Dorico Pro soon, at present I have a copy of Elements.

Does the Elements get absorbed by Dorico 3 ? Do I have more than one reference in the Elicenser on my computer ?

  1. There are so many videos in the Dorico video collection. Where do I start in finding out about starting out on my investigations on this program ? Is it from Dorico 1 videos, or SE videos - I know that much of the info in the later videos (3 and 3.1 ) give much more detail than I would nee at the start, so where do I start ?

  2. What is the situation regarding upgrades - adding 3.1 the 3 - is this important, or will these be part of the next major upgrade (possibly Dorico 4) , will there be a charge to upgrade to Dorico 4 ? would it be worth waiting for this, and get used to Dorico 3 in the meantime ?

  1. The app is the same; only the licence changes. So if you upgrade your licence, the software runs as Pro.

  2. Most of the things in Dorico 1 videos are still the same. There have been a few changes to the interface (e.g. Engrave mode sub-tools), but mostly what you watch will still be true. Just jump in!

  3. The team have said that 3.1 is the final upgrade, so the next one will be paid for.

  1. I would start with the SE videos, they are Great. Then, just look for the topics you need to do next

As for whether you should buy the current version or wait for the next one, we never announce anything about a new version until it’s available (I might drop a few hints about specific things that might be included, but in general not). You should always judge whether or not the current version, the one that’s available for you to buy today, meets your requirements, and only buy the software if it does. This is why we have always provided a 30-day trial version, so that you can spend a decent amount of time with the software to determine whether or not it meets your needs. If for whatever reason you decide not to buy Dorico after your trial period, I would certainly welcome the feedback on what it was that caused you to decide against a purchase in the end.

I would agree with klafkid’s recommendation to start with the Dorico SE video series, as this covers the basics of the current version quite nicely and is equally applicable to Dorico SE, Elements and Pro. That playlist is here.