A few note input questions

Hi! A few questions:

  1. Is there a way to re-input pitches of existing notes so the rhythms and articulations and playing techniques remain the same? (Like the function in Sibelius, Ctrl-N on mac although it’s possible that that’s my own keyboard shortcut!)
  2. When you’ve input one note, and then enter the duration or tie or articulation for the next note, it plays the last note. Is there a way to turn this off? (Is it a bug?)
  3. Is there a way to switch MIDI input to an instrument without entering into note input on that instrument and then hitting escape? I’ve gotten used to it, such that I click a note in the staff whose instrument I want to play and then hit the “shortcut” Enter-Esc, but is there another way?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

For #1. Try using Lock Durations (the padlock icon) to change pitches without changing durations.
(Had a little difficuty getting the padlock to “stick” initially, but eventually it “took.”)

re: #2 I also find the repeated sound of the previous note to be annoying.

I am strictly a copyist, so I tend to be looking at the manuscript, rather than at the screen. Hearing the note selected also alerts me that Dorico has placed the right/wrong relative octave for the next note that was selected. Can you create a shortcut to change to the correct octave during input, other than the ALT+arrow key?

Forgive me, if that was answered somewhere already - I think I am on information overload after this long weekend of Dorico study. The work you Steinberg guys are doing is terrific!

To input the next note an octave higher than Dorico’s default, press Shift+Alt+Note. To get an octave lower, use Ctrl+Alt+Note.