A few problems here..


I’ve been working with Cubase 7 artist for a while now and I like it very much, HOWEVER…

Since about 2 days ago Cubase has been acting rather strange on my iMac (the rest of the computer works fine, just letting you know).

I’ve encountered the following problems:

-When I open cubase and the Steinberg hub (or whatever you call it) appears, I cannot click on my projects or on any of the tabs. I have to use my arrow keys to actually go somewhere.

-When I’m in a project and I select a number of tracks, I no longer see my selection area.

-Cubase picks up my microphone signal just fine, but I cannot see the red in/output bars anymore. However, if I record I still get an actual recording, so Cubase does pick up my mic. signal.

-And last but not least, I cannot open the ‘‘Inserts’’, ‘‘Strip’’, ‘‘Equalizer’’ etc. tabs on the left side of a track anymore. If I click on it, nothing happens. (I suppose this might be related to the first problem, but I’m not quite sure…)

I’d very much appreciate it if someone can help me with this! I’m kind of stuck here and I still have a lot of stuff I need to do. Thanks in advance!

Figured out what the problem was. I was running Cubase in 32 bits whilst I should’ve ran it in 64 bits.