A few problems in the new quantize panel

Hi everyone,

I have found a few problems/issues concerning the new quantize panel and esp. the “Move MIDI CC” option.

1.) If the “Move MIDI CC” option is enabled and you close and reopen the quantize panel, it seems that the “Move MIDI CC” option is not active anymore because it is not checked. Anyhow, the option is still active. And you have to click twice in order to deactivate it. It seems like the checkbox does not show the correct setting if the panel has been closed and reopened.

2.) If the “Move MIDI CC” option is enabled and events and controller data has been quantized, the “revert” functionality does only revert the quantization of the MIDI events but not the controller data.

It would be nice if anybody here could confirm those two issues.


Since the quantize panel is new any feedback is worth a lot to Steinberg.
So go ahead to tell about anything you don’t like or whatever please !

There is another thread concerning the new Quantise. The two problems might be related. I’ll try and point it for you.

Thanks. Can you post the link here ?