Please consider adding these Steinberg:
-Option for Scale Assistant to “snap scale to WHITE KEYS ONLY” when snapping live input
-Ability to timestretch/warp individual slices in sampler track
-Ability to export slices to their own sampler tracks
-Revamped MIDI Routing (inside the program itself and with ALL TRACKS!!) I’ve been requesting this feature/improvement since 2013 on my old Steinberg forum’s account!
-Non linear environment for sketching out ideas (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE LIVE OR LOGIC OR BITWIG, but something that is fresh and uniquely Steinberg would be nice)
-Revamped MIDI FX and Inserts. This is LOOONG overdue.

Can you not just set it to C Major scale (?).

If you want your scale and key to be C major every time… Sure! As of right now, it seems the Snap live input feature simply remaps the incoming notes of your keyboard to the nearest note on your keyboard with no options available to change that.

For example, sometimes the B and C keys on the keyboard play the same note with Snap Live Input as currently constructed. Having the option to map only the notes in your specified key and scale to just the white keys means you’ll never hit the same note in that octave across the white keys making easier and quicker for those who don’t know every key and scale.

It’s nice to have the option available and if other people won’t use it, guess what? They don’t have to!!

If as @skijumptoes suggests you set the scale to C, it will force it to be on the white keys.

Then if you use MIDI Modifiers to Transpose you can have the white keys play in a different key than C.

Right now you can setup Cubase to do what you want.

I think you’d really appreciate this plugin:-

Put it on it’s own track, then set the output of that track as the input of another to give you live input style control but you can use the same white keys for different scales:-

Track 1 - MIDI Input: All MIDI | VSTi: Cales | Monitor: On
Track 2 - MIDI Input: Track 1 Cales | VSTi: HALion | Record: On.

Anything you play through it will go to Track 2/HALion, scale corrected.

I use this for smaller 2 octave keyboards or pad controllers, and it works soooo good. Love it! :slight_smile:

Exporting slices to their own sampler tracks sounds cool