A few questions about Repeat Sections/Jumps

So I spent a little time today investigating exactly what is and isn’t possible with Repeat Sections and Jumps in Dorico, and have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to change the font for the Segno symbol alone? I can’t seem to find it in Engrave/Music Symbols. Is it hiding somewhere else?

  2. Engraving Options/Repeat Markers/Horizontal Position/“Indent for repeat markers left-aligned with barline” doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I can change this value to anything I want and the Segno symbol still is just centered on the barline. Is this a bug? Is there another setting somewhere that is overriding this one?

  3. Minor detail, but is it possible to change the “To” in “To Coda” to lower case? I’m trying to match work done in an existing house style that calls for “to Coda [coda ball]”

  4. Is it possible to edit the size of the Coda ball separately in the “to Coda” sign and “CODA” sign? I’d prefer the actual Coda ball to be quite a bit larger to make it easy to spot, but editing the size also changes the “to Coda” sign which then looks ridiculously large. The performer doesn’t really need a large “to Coda” sign as they will encounter it naturally in the music, but a larger “CODA” sign is useful as they scan the page to find the jump.

Thanks in advance!

Ahh, just realized #3 is solved with Custom Text.

  1. I think the easiest way is to select it and scale it up using the properties panel below. You can change the font of repeat markers using the options in engrave menu – – font styles, but I don’t know if you can parse out just that symbol alone.
  1. I’m not at my computer at the moment, but I believe that indent value only applies when the segno is left-aligned. Your segno is center-aligned, so it doesn’t affect it.

  2. Same as #1, I think.

I’m pecking away at my phone and going from memory, so my input may be a little dubious in this case…

Thanks, I can actually change the size % in Engraving Options too, but I was looking to just change the font for that one individual glyph, which I don’t particularly care for. Any idea if that’s possible without changing the entire music font?

That makes sense, but I’m not seeing an option to left-align it in Engraving Options/Repeat Markers. Does that setting exist elsewhere? Changing Paragraph Options/Repeat Marker Sections or Jumps to left-align doesn’t seem to activate the Engraving Options offset either.

You can’t change the font of the segno symbol, but you can always hide the real segno repeat marker via the Properties panel and then substitute a segno of your own via Shift+Alt+X system-attached text.

Thanks Daniel! That’s a good workaround. As a feature request, I’d love to see the Repeat Jump glyphs added to Engrave/Music Symbols in a future version. Any advice as to where the left-align setting for the Segno lives? I still haven’t been able to find that one.

Coda and segno aren’t drawn through the mechanism that the symbols in Music Symbols use, which is why they don’t appear there.

There is no option for the alignment of the segno at present. It is always centre-aligned on the barline.

Gould centers it on the barline, but Ross states on pg A-8 that the “The segno is placed either slightly before the first beat in the measure, or slightly after the bar line.” It would be nice if this were possible to do in a future update. Thanks!

Of course “Start Offset” can already do this, I was just looking for a default placement setting.