A few questions - hairpins etc

I’ve recently started incorporating Dorico 2.1 into my workflow and had a few questions :

  • I have reset many key commands in Preferences to what works for me, but I don’t see that I’m able to change the key command for Hairpins (cresc and decresc). I believe shift , and shift . are the preset ones but how do I change that? (I’d rather not use a popover to enter these)

  • Once I turn on Tuples or Grace Notes and enter one, I have to explicitly turn the setting off if I don’t need it at the next beat/measure. Is there a Preference for having it automatically turn off after entering one? These are usually the kinds of thing that I only need to enter sparingly, so am not likely to be entering multiple sets of tuplets or grace notes.

  • I sometimes find that when playing back, the music goes out of view, i.e. the playback scrolling in Galley view doesn’t keep up with the music so I can’t see the measures being played back?

  • Is the ability to create custom Macros planned to be implemented (as in Cubase)? There are things that seem to take too many key strokes (e.g. entering 3:2 tuplet) that this could help with.

All natively-assignable key commands are listed in Preferences–Key Commands. Cresc and decresc aren’t there, so I don’t think they can be changed. (though, to be honest, why change the current key command? It’s a perfect fit!)

Tuplets are sticky by design, and that behavior can’t be changed.

The scrolling behavior has been well-documented on the forum. It is indeed supposed to scroll, but sometimes doesn’t. Closing and re-opening the project typically fixes it for me.

For macros, AHK is currently your best bet, as I see you’re on Windows (for Mac, it would be KM). There are several threads on AHK, many with code that can be copied and pasted.

To answer your question directly, Dorico does indeed have built-in macro functionality, but it’s mostly a future prospect: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=134004&p=725582

Thanks for the response. Odd that those shortcuts wouldn’t be in Preferences - I find most of the preset key commands are not intuitive and have changed most to suit my taste. I’m honestly surprised that such a big/obvious issue like the scrolling one hasn’t been solved in Dorico 2.1. Hope this is included in a free upgrade, because paying another $100 upgrade fee to fix such a basic bug wouldn’t be acceptable for me.

“Intuitive” is such a relative thing, as we generally measure it by what we’re used to. Personally, I find the level of customization options for key commands to be excellent. You can re-map nearly everything if you so choose. Cresc/decresc is one of the rare exceptions.

Yes, this will be a free upgrade for all Dorico 2 users, and it is much, much more than bug fixes!

You can check out some of the added features here: https://youtu.be/yfMTff4hneU

Despite I don’t understand why changing this shortcuts that are IMHA very easy to loearn, I suggest you this hack to customize shortcuts that are not displayed in Dorico options.
I posted a tutorial there : https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=142815
This is hack, save your configuration file before editing.

You can use this items :

  • cresc: NoteInput.HairpinStart?Type=kGradualDynamicUp&GradualDynamicType=kCrescOrDim

  • desc: NoteInput.HairpinStart?Type=kGradualDynamicDown&GradualDynamicType=kCrescOrDim

I’ve tried many other shortcuts. Some work very well and some not.