A few questions - my pardons if redundant

Hello there and thanks in advance for your much appreciated help.

1). How can I make Dorico select only the notes that I choose to select and note the note that I don’t?
2). How can I make Dorico not to jump through and frown but stay on the measure I am working on?
3). I am working on this measure in which I have changed the meter from 12/8 into 13/8 - aiming to move the last figuration further in the rhythmic grid, I’d like still to keep all notes in that same bar regardless. Is there a way I can do this without using the “make into system” or without tampering the page setup layout (because this will effect the entire piece ) ?

Thanks in advanced.

  1. I fear you will have to be a lot more specific about which notes you wish to choose and what the surrounding notes look like, for us to give a meaningful answer. Perhaps providing an annotated image would be helpful.
  2. I imagine “jump through and frown” is an error in a translation software program. What action causes Dorico to leave the measure you have chosen?
  3. To change the time signature from 12/8 to 13/8 and have the barline move to include the additional 1/8 of music, use the Insert mode before changing the time signature.
    To simply change the time signature for one measure, set the following measure’s time signature to 12/8; then change the former measure to 13/8; then place the caret where you want it and use SHIFT+B 1e (1e means add an eighth note’s worth of time) to add an extra 1/8 of (blank) time to the 13/8.
    To understand why this involves a System Break, I expect we would again have to see an image showing what exists before and after.
    But even better would be an excerpt from your Dorico file that illustrates the areas that prompted your questions.
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Thanks very much for your reply.

I have realized that if I break long beam grouping it will select properly.

Per #3 , to change meter I was: shift + n ; shift + down arrow
(two pianos); then press {I} insert. I manage then to change the meter properly only thing is that the bar gets to split over to the next page and I’d like all the music material to be kept in that one bar. As the music is rather complex I will check your solution later on for I have now set the 13/8 bar into 9/8 meter to solve my issue and keep on working… I’ll look into your method as the work progress, still it will be nice to know if there is a way to hold music material in the same system & page.
As per #2 as I continue if I see again similar behavior I’ll use screen capture to show this.

Thanks very much for your much appreciated reply.
Best to you - cheers - Rami.