A few questions

I’m sorry for the basic questions but I really tried to get the information in the Help menu and in YT videos…

Where do I find:

Staff size and space between staffs in individual instruments? (Shrinking the information to avoid 7 pages of piano when the music could fit on four pages.)

How do I write system text? (Things like “slower” or “shuffeled”… once in the score but shown in every single instrument part.)

How do I write tempo without “Allegro” etc… just a simple “quarter note symbol” = 148

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Best, Saxer

  1. Layout Options, Ctrl-Shift-L. Dropdown–>Page Setup (and Vertical Spacing if needed). Make sure you have the desired layout selected to make changes.

  2. Shift-Alt-X. It’ll display above the top staff in full score, but check the part scores - it’s there too!

  3. Shift-T for tempo popover, type q=148

Thanks a lot guys! Very helpful forum here!