A few questions...

First congrats on an obviously huge upgrade. Very interesting.

I hope you don’t mind some questions getting thrown at you…


  1. Grouped faders? (like in PT for example)

  2. NEK… a paid addition still?

  3. Will there be alternate parameter views possible for the mixer window, or will the ones using knobs always use knobs? (I’m asking because I’m right now really not feeling the look of it all).

  4. What is the approximate price ranges for software / hardware?

  5. Has anything been taken out of Nuendo that we’re unaware of? How about Eucon?..

I’m still unsure about NEK too.

Does it mean that there is only one upgrade path at the same price?

It doesn’t matter what version you have now, everyone will have the NEK in Nu6 at no extra charge?

As far as I have understood it, everyone will have the NEK content installed, but it still needs to be “unlocked” by a license. (Paid) So they cut out the hassle of ordering and installing extra content.



Fredo is correct.


What is the status of grouping in N6? Is there some sort of advanced grouping like in PT?

And import session data???



grouping of individual parameters of freely selectable tracks, simply my a right mouse-click. Plus the known group channel. Extended session data import won’t be part of the initial Nuendo 6 version, but we have it on the list.


Thanks for the response Timo.

Could you please clarify the following regarding groups:

  • In PT when you group tracks you actually get a group that can be engaged/disengaged. This group can also be named (i.e. “explosion” for example, for all the stuff that contains it). Is this what happens in Nuendo 6?

  • What is the visual confirmation of a group? In PT when you’ve created a group of tracks you can see which tracks belong to which group by visual cues (in the mixer as well as in the arrange / project window).