A few questions


Since I come from the Sonar World, there are things that I would like to do in Cubase:

  1. How toconsolidate midi clips together? The glue tool is a mess, since it brings back all the midi that was previously recorded, so that doesn’t work well, and Bounce midi seems to do the same thing. I need a “what you hear will be consolidated” only…

  2. How to see all tracks in one shortcut? In sonar the letter ‘F’ does the trick, and shift ‘F’ makes you see the whole project in the window.

  3. In Sonar, when you are in the Midi editor window, you can switch directly from one track to the other: let’S say you need to edit midi in the piano track, then you can switch directly to the Bass window track. You don’t need to close the window, then double click on the bass track to see the midi notes.

Thanks for your help

So I guess it can’t be done?

For 1. Consolidate midi clips, the best way I use is export midi track then re import it in the project. Very annoying…

  1. Bounce MIDI consolidates parts based on what you have selected, not on whether you can hear it.

  2. Look through the zoom commands in the key command window.

  3. Click the part in the project window, the Key Editor will update. You can have multple tracks open in the editor and edit only one by activating “Edit Active Part Only”.

The cleanest way I found was to export the midi track the re-import it in the project. It’s time consuming…

I use Bounce midi all the time, select the midi clips you need and bounce them, that "glues them together, I also set up a macro to zoom to show all tracks in the project. both horizontally and vertically (vertical is limited if you have more than a certain number of tracks)

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hi, could you please describe in which cubase menu you find the bounce function ?

Midi->Bounce MIDI

Thanks for the help BTW