A few quirks

Here’s a few odd things I’ve noticed:

  1. In ENGRAVE mode, double clicking outside of a music frame still takes you to WRITE mode.

  2. Right-clicking outside a music frame still gives you a contextual menu that is out of context: Stem, Beaming, Octave Line, etc. You get the same items right-clicking on a graphics frame or text frame.

  3. Dorico ought to give more indication of “progress”. After clicking “Print”, has anything happened? Changing Music font: nothing happens for a good few seconds, before the change takes place.

However, I have to say I’m enjoying it very much. Just waiting for acceptance of my Cross-grade entitlement.

Merry Christmas!
Screen Shot 1.png

  1. Yes, this is intentional, since double-clicking means “edit this thing”, so double-clicking anywhere takes you to Write mode so you can edit. Some people have asked for us to make this entire behaviour optional, which we are considering.

  2. Yes, there is only a single contextual menu at the moment. We plan to make it more truly contextual according to selection.

  3. When you click print, Dorico spools the document pretty much instantly and it’s basically done: you’re waiting for your printer after that. I agree, though, that there are several places where it would be helpful to show a progress indicator currently. Dorico’s multi-threaded approach both makes this more complicated than it would be in a simpler, single-threaded application, and also potentially opens the door to us not needing to show a progress indicator because the operation can be completed in a background thread without locking the UI.

Yes, please!