A few small issues with sample management

A few small issues after the latest update:

  1. I deleted a sample from the My Sample folder, then restored it, and it was restored to the My Audio files folder instead.

  2. After you delete a file from either the My Audio files folder or the My Sample folder, the folder will then close. May not seem like a big deal, but if you’re deleting a lot of files you then have to open the folder again, scroll to the next file you want to delete, and then delete… Only to have the folder close again! :angry: See what I’m saying? Have it so the folder stays open after you delete a file, it would make things a lot less cumbersome.

For #2 I discovered you can drag and drop to the trash can and not have the folder close on you. Still not quite as fast as being able to just tap delete over and over to get rid of a large number of samples though.

Am I being too nitpicky? Lol.