A Few Somewhat Related Questions

Hello all-

First off- I made the transition from Cubase Pro 4 to 8.5 - So far VERY happy with the change; especially Groove Agent4 and PadShop Pro! As a 12 year user, I am very proud to say I have never lusted after another DAW. :nerd:

  1. How do I get rid of this pesky STATUS LINE INFO LINE OVERVIEW LINE window that keeps coming up when I hover my cursor just below the project file name? (see attached pic)?

  2. Is there any way to write in a key editor to spontaneously create a loop during playback (similar to DJ software)? For instance, hit a hotkey during playback to create a quantized 8 bar loop.
    Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 5.04.21 PM.png


  1. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way, how to disable these parts. I don’t know the link, but there is a thread, where you can put your +1 for the preferences to disable this.

  2. If you mean create the loop while playback, there is an Independent Track Loop in theKey Editor. But if you want to really copy/duplicate the data. Use the Duplicate or Repeat function, please. Since Cubase 8.5, you can duplicate also by mouse. On the right border of the MIDI event, click the middle square, and extend the MIDI event right.

Btw: There is no Padshop Pro as part of Cubase Pro 8 license. This is just a Trial version. Only Padshop (without Pro) is part of Cubase Pro 8 license.

But the upgrade to padshop pro only costs pocket change - a bargain infact. You can then import your own samples which I’ve used to great effect on vocals.

Yep +1!

Shift-G will Loop Selection. This is the default Key Command. To do this on the fly, select an area with the Range Tool (2 on the main keyboard) and hit Shift-G. [edit: not Shift-G apparently. Read on…]

Now, I can’t check this, because for some reason my Range Tool is refusing to select anything and Shift-G is acting like G (zoom). In fact, quite a bit’s going haywire… :open_mouth: No idea what’s going on but what I wrote I’m pretty sure used to work, so I’d be interested if it does for you.

It won’t work.

Shift-G is the default KC for zoom

Loop Selection is Alt-P

You can open up key commands from file menu to check assignments…double click an item in the list to show it’s kc or press the kc and it will jump to the assigned function in the list.

Sorry, must have changed something then forgotten I’d done so. Anyway, Loop Selection’s your man, however you trigger it…

Thank you for the replies! I think I’ve got it working…

Also- I immediately upgraded to Padshop Pro. Certainly worth it, even just for the ability to drag samples from the project.