A few suggestions please..

Spectral editing like in Reaper would be amazing for cleaning background noise in dialogs without resorting to destructive EQ. I guess thats something that could be implemented into VariAudio.

Add more Send slots like the new 16 Insert slot feature.

In the mixer window- add an option to save the racks I choose and track type visibilty to a default preset so I won’t have to set it on every new project again and again.

Splitting and merging mono to stereo and stereo to mono events by dragging to new tracks like in Protools.

Implementing the use of AAF. OMF is too old and buggy!

Allow to create new tracks and maybe add inserts while recording without having Audio Dropout errors. Could be very useful.



I recommend taking a look at this sticky that is at the top of the Feature Requests section:


Quite a few of the users here will ignore threads with multiple feature requests in them. If you want responses to you suggestions you may want to split these up into separate threads. You may also want to search for these requests in existing threads. I am pretty sure at least a few of these if not all have been asked for before. As a general rule if you want the exact same feature that is listed in another thread, it is better to support the one that is already there so that it has more posts and is more likely to grab Steinberg’s attention.

Good luck with your requests.

I’m going to second this one. Any time you open a project, the last selected Visibility config is de-selected. Creates workflow havoc.